Tin Hat

Carla Kihlstedt — violin, voice
Mark Orton — guitar, dobro
Ben Goldberg — clarinets
Rob Reich — accordion, piano

Forging a new acoustic sound that defies categorization while striking universal chords, Tin Hat makes freewheeling chamber music for the 21st century.

Since its beginning in 1997, each of Tin Hat’s six recordings has been regarded by listeners and fellow musicians as a benchmark in the ongoing exploration of vibrant new pathways in acoustic music.  Concurrently, their captivating live performances throughout the United States and Europe have surprised and delighted audiences with well-honed compositions and the joy of spontaneous musical discovery.  Hailed for “interweaving Old World Europe with post-modern America, south-of-the-border sensuality with concert-hall propriety, and odd-metered syncopation with deeply soulful grooves” (The New York Press), the ensemble has created an original American ethnic music of its own device.  As the New York Times notes, “it’s solid, appealing and fresh.”

Tin Hat was formed in San Francisco by Carla Kihlstedt (violin), Rob Burger (accordion/piano), and Mark Orton (guitar).  Their vision was a composer’s collective committed to creating a personal, acoustic music that blurred the lines between composition and improvisation. When Rob Burger left the group in 2004, Mark and Carla invited clarinetist Ben Goldberg to join; the group has since been rounded out by Rob Reich on accordion and piano.